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Faith Corner

Welcome to the Mother of Christ Faith Corner. This little spot on our website has been created to share some of the things that our Sacramental classes have been up to and the different ways we Praise God at our school with the gifts we have been blessed with.  Also to share thoughts and ideas that will bring us together in our faith and in the common goal that we share, planting the seed of faith in our children. You'll get a peek into our Religious program and activities. We will be updating on a monthly basis, special occasions and on important dates within the Liturgical year. Let me just say that at Mother of Christ we are constantly amazed by Jesus Christ and how awesome He is. It is a blessing to be a part of a community where we can witness His love and miracles through our Pastor, Administrators, teachers, staff, students and all the wonderful families that bless our school. My hope is that you use this page as a resource. That you look to it for information, inspiration, ideas and fun.

 I hope you enjoy visiting our little corner of 

faith, hope and love. We hope you visit us often!

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Find your PASSION
then use it to BLESS

the WORLD around you

Mrs. Reynaldos

ASL Club

Feed My Starving

Be the Change!

Mrs. Emely's
Drama Club

Mrs. Khawand's

Social Justice

New Faith-Based movie

Lets get out there and support this movie. It is important that we show Movie Producers and Director the kind of movies we want to see.

I am sharing the trailer to Pope Francis' latest Encyclical

Laudato Si.

I encourage everyone to read it,

Its a bit long but we truly gain a clear understanding of our responsiblities in caring for all of God's Creations

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