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Our Philosophy

Mother of Christ believes that each child is a gift from God. Together with the parents, MOC will aid the children in the realization of the personal love God has for them. We help the children grasp this loving and personal relationship with the prayerful use of the Sacred Scriptures. We strive to instill the basic value of self-respect, respect for others and the appreciation of the beauty of the world by creative expression of their God-given talents.

Our Goals

1. Spiritual: To be a witness for Christ in family life and the parish community. To make children aware of their God-given capabilities. To provide children with the opportunity for personal and communal prayer, participation of the Sacraments and the opportunity to participate in class, school masses and prayer services.

2. Academic: To provide a strong academic curriculum. To give children the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to live in a changing world, changing society and a new century.

3. Social: To create a community of Christians. To provide children the opportunity to accept and respect others as self, to develop the sense of team spirit, good sportsmanship, and positive peer pressure. These sentiments stimulate the love of God, self and others.

4. Emotional: To create an environment where children are accepted as unique individuals. To provide them the opportunity to develop self-esteem and respect for themselves and others.




Mrs. Yesenia De La Torre


Mrs. Christie Barbeite

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Sandy Sanchez


Learning Center


Mrs. Yesenia De La Torre


Ms. Yarelis Rodriguez

Assistant Director

Ms. Kassandra Sorzano


Pk 1: Ms. Mariblanca Miranda

Aide: Mrs. Gaby Gonzalez

Pk 2: Mrs. Dalia Ortega

Aide: Mrs. Adriana Caceres

Pk 3: Ms. Maribel Morales

Pk 3: Mrs. Tania Diaz

Pk 4: Ms. Jessica Garcia

Aide: Mrs. Yoli Mendez

Pk 4: Mrs. Astrid Quiles

Aide: Mrs. Yislen Jimenez

Home Room Teachers

Kindergarten: Mrs. Vega

1st Grade: Mrs. Armenteros

2nd Grade: Mrs. Harbeson

3rd Grade: Ms. Medina

4th Grade: Ms. Sanchez

5th Grade: Mrs. Vega

6th Grade: Mrs. Rivera

7th Grade: Ms. Megan


8th Grade: Mrs. Couto

Special Area Teachers

Religion & Music

Mrs. Isis Dorticos

Religion & Art

Mrs. Karen Lacayo


Mrs. Elcira Torres



Coach David Thomas


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